It is my great pleasure to be the first Chairman of Hong Kong Aircraft Leasing and Aviation Finance Association.

First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to all those who have worked so hard and made a significant contribution towards the successful implementation of the Association. It would not be possible without your wise counsel and staunch support.

Hong Kong has long been defined by its free trading spirit and an outstanding and well-established legal system, putting it in a unique position to become an aviation and financial center in Asia Pacific and in the world at large. This provides a fertile soil for the development of aircraft leasing industry, and we are delighted that our proposal about having a dedicated tax regime to develop Hong Kong into an aviation and finance center was recognized by the Hong Kong Government and passed at the Legislative Council in July 2017. This is a highly visionary and pragmatic first move towards transforming Hong Kong into a competitive player in the global aircraft financing arena.

On this front, I believe that Hong Kong, as a major gateway into Mainland China, can not only capitalise on its geographic advantage, but also to complement the domestic free-trade zones, so that together they can forge an integrated aircraft leasing platform that is competitive globally. We are committed to accomplish the Association’s vision, and to continuingly propose insights and solutions to key issues that will help Hong Kong realize its aspiration to be an international aviation and financial hub.

Mr. Chen Shuang, JP,
Chairman of HKALA

November, 2017